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Federal Election 2019: Wayne Stetski, NDP

Wayne Stetski is seeking re-election in Kootenay-Columbia for the New Democratic Party (NDP) as their party platform focuses on climate change, affordable living, and universal health care coverage.

Running for a second term in Kootenay-Columbia, Stetski secured the Member of Parliament seat in 2015 after previously serving as the Mayor of Cranbrook from 2011 to 2014.

“It’s been a real honour to serve the people of Kootenay-Columbia for the last four years as their Member of Parliament and I hope to be able to continue,” said Stetski. “I’ve been able to advocate in Ottawa in Parliament for issues that are important to people the Kootenay-Columbia and I get a lot of good feedback from people saying that they think it’s been a good four years and so I’d like to continue another four years.”

Stetski opens his NDP Campaign Office in Cranbrook on Tuesday, September 17, 2019, as they are set to hold a grand-opening event from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Stetski’s campaign office is a 205B Cranbrook Street North, across from the Ktunaxa Nation Government Building.

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Entering the 2019 federal election, Stetski and the NDP’s platform A New Deal for People is 109 pages, encompassing some of their key priorities.

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“We have a great country as people know, but we can have an even better country,” Stetski told

Listing a few of his priorities in the upcoming election, Stetski said the NDP wants to work towards free university and college education, as well as implementing proportional representation voting if they are elected, among others.

“Dealing with the climate change crisis, but also making sure that we don’t leave workers behind, it’s a two-pronged approach,” said Stetski. “Dealing with the lack of affordable housing which is an issue right around the riding, dealing with the lack of affordable childcare is another issue that has come up throughout the riding.”

Another pivotal piece of the NDP’s platform is universal health care coverage, which would see the party work with Provinces and invest $10 billion every year into expanding Medicare.

“Going forward, we also want to make sure that prescription drugs are included in universal health care, they should never have been left out to begin with,” said Stetski. “By next year we intend to have free Pharmacare in place for everyone, and ultimately we want universal health care to cover you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet so that anything to do with your health, you should be able to use your health care card and not a credit card.”

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Wayne Stetski is vying for the seat in Kootenay-Columbia against five other candidates which includes Rob Morrison for the Conservatives, Robin Goldsbury for the Liberals, Abra Brynne for the Green Party, Rick Stewart for the People’s Party of Canada, and Trev Miller for the Animal Protection Party.

Voters in the riding head to the polls October 21, 2019, to elect their next Member of Parliament.

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