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Kimberley prepares to burn several slash piles

Members of the Kimberley Fire Department are getting ready to burn several slash piles next month.

City officials said some of the piles are located in Lois Creek, Morrison, Swan Subs and other areas.

Officials added that it is part of the city’s ongoing wildfire mitigation efforts.

“In collaboration with local forestry experts and authorities, the City has carefully assessed the conditions for conducting these controlled burns safely and effectively,” said Fire Chief Will Booth. “We understand the importance of timing and weather conditions in ensuring minimal environmental impact and community safety. Therefore, the slash pile burns will only take place when weather conditions allow for controlled and safe operations. The anticipated start date is late October 2023.”

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The piles will be burned when weather conditions allow after restrictions on Category 2 burns are lifted.

Trained personnel will be on-site while a burn is underway, with notice given to residents.

“Prior to each controlled burn, the City will notify residents, park users, and relevant stakeholders about the planned burn date and location,” said city officials. “These notifications will be made through the City’s website, social media and local media outlets.”

Kimberley staff said efforts will be made to minimize smoke, but it will be present during and after the burn.

“The City of Kimberley and the Kimberley Fire Department remains committed to safeguarding our natural environment and enhancing the safety of our community,” said the City of Kimberley. “By responsibly managing slash piles and reducing wildfire risks, we aim to preserve the beauty and ecological integrity of Kimberley and its surrounding areas.

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