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Cranbrook releases housing task force recommendations

The Mayor’s task force on housing in Cranbrook shows that the city’s policies need updating regarding affordable housing.

Planning manager Rob Veg said it’s something they have been working on.

“A lot of it we are well underway, which is really great, but there is probably more we can do.”

He said the city can also work on supporting the viability of projects by streamlining applications and collaboration with providers and developers.

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The task force was launched back in 2023 after Cranbrook completed a housing needs report.

The report found that Cranbrook will need approximately 1,400 more housing units by 2031.

The task force is looking at ways to help drive the creation of a comprehensive housing strategy.

Veg said one of their biggest barriers has been not in my backyard sentiment from residents.

“One of the things that we see as a continual barrier to affordable housing is the lack of knowledge or acceptance of it,” he added.

“We see it in every rezoning for any kind of multi-family development.”

He said city staff will be looking for ways to build awareness and a deeper understanding of Cranbrook’s housing needs.

Some of the other key recommendations from the task force are for council to update the OCP to reflect housing strategy actions and possibly hiring a housing coordinator.

The task force is set to meet for the final time on May 14, but it could be extended.

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