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Local MLA critical with lack of plan for preparedness funds

On Tuesday, the B.C. government announced $180 million for emergency preparedness funds, but a local MLA is concerned over a lack of a plan.

The money is going towards local projects that help communities be more resilient to natural disasters, whether that’s an upgraded dike or dealing with wildfires.

Columbia-River Revelstoke MLA Doug Clovechok says the money is going towards a worthy cause but there isn’t a concrete plan to decide what goes where.

“Anything that we can do to promote and ensure public safety is a good thing, but throwing money at the wall and seeing what will stick isn’t the answer. Where’s the plan? There are no objectives here. In order to spend money you have to have a plan.”

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He says it’s an area where the NDP has been doing a poor job.

“The money is important, there’s no question about that but how are they going to use it, what is their outlook and what is the plan long term?”

“This is where the NDP don’t do very well, they fall down when it comes to this. They are good at talking but short on the planning end of things,” he said.

During the announcement, Premier David Eby called out the BC Liberals for not taking the environment and preparedness seriously.

Clovechoke says that’s asinine.

“That’s absolutely ridiculous. He’s playing politics with people’s well-being and it’s disappointing to see that. It’s absolutely ridiculous and it’s not true.”

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