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20 high-end rally cars stopped on Highway 1

RCMP stopped 20 high-end rally cars after they were driving erratically along Highway 1 near Golden.

Police said calls started coming in at 8 a.m. on May 6th regarding a large group of vehicles on the Trans Canada Highway from Kamloops to Golden.

According to police, reports said the group was driving erratically, passing over double-solid lines into oncoming traffic and driving at excessive speeds.

Three Golden RCMP officers were sent out to set up a checkpoint to intercept the convoy and ended up stopping 20 cars. All of them had decals identifying them as part of the RCS Rally.

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Police said the drivers were cooperative and said they were heading to Calgary from Vancouver to attend the RCS Rally.

“We are all for organized events like these, but participants still need to follow the rules of the road and help ensure the safety of the other motorists travelling around them,” said Cst. Mark Tataryn with the Golden BCHP. “Those who fail to abide by the rules put themselves and innocent motorists at risk and may find themselves the subject of tickets, vehicle impoundment and, where evidence supports it, criminal charges. It is fortunate in this case that the vehicles were stopped before anyone was injured.”

Police issued violation tickets, warnings for vehicle defects and charges for cannabis inside of a vehicle to the drivers.

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