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Kimberley Trail Society reports successful year

Over the past year, the Kimberley Trail Society (KTS) has spent over $152,000 to improve and build upon Kimberley’s trail system.

In a presentation to city council on Nov. 22, Ryan McKenzie with the society said 2,656 hours of work done this year by trail crews and volunteers helped for more than 700 hours.

Some of the work included repairs to pre-existing trails such as Army Road, Pyramid Creek and Unicorn Hunting Trail.

The society also finished new projects including a reroute of Thunder Turkey Trail and refurbishment of NIMBY and PPP.

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“We had a fantastic year, we’re really proud of the projects we completed this year,” said McKenzie.

A lot of work was also done to support trails affected by wildfire risk reduction.

“There was a large portion of our trail network that was impacted by wildfire risk reduction activities. It’s already starting to grow back which is great to see,” added McKenzie.

“There are some new views and new sights that are in the area, but it didn’t come without its impact on the trails. We worked with the different managers of these trails to help mitigate the issues that might come up.”

McKenzie said they also completed a trail inventory to decide what areas need the most work in the future.

“We actually did a massive trail inventory where we went around all of our trail network and highlighted any sort of features or danger areas so we can get a good idea of where to spend our efforts.”

Kimberley’s trail network features approximately 180 kilometres of trail, which McKenzie said wouldn’t be possible without the help of their sponsors.

Mayor Don McCormick said the number of sponsors also shows how much the trail system means to the community.

“If you take a look at the sponsors and everybody who’s lined up supporting the Kimberley Trail Society, it really is a testament to how important those 180 kilometres are,” said McCormick. “Not only to our residents but also to the tourism part of our economy.”

Below is a link to view the projects that were completed and some of the trails that were repaired.

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