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City Council formally adopts measures to expand outdoor patios, support Cranbrook restaurants

Cranbrook City Council has formally adopted amendments to its Downtown Seasonal Patio Bylaw on Tuesday, which is expanding space for outdoor patios, in wake of latest week’s dining restrictions from the Province.

Gathering last Wednesday, March 31st, City Council gave three readings to the amendments, before officially enacting the measures on Tuesday, April 6th. The full breakdown of the amendments and changes can be found in the article linked below, which includes newly painted lines on Baker Street, the permitted use of concrete barriers or walkaround patios in parking stalls, and more.

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“We recognize the importance of having successful businesses in our community. I am pleased that staff, with the unanimous support of Council, have developed this additional support to help local restaurants through the trying times and restrictions they are forced to deal with because of COVID-19,” said Mayor Lee Pratt on Tuesday. “I strongly encourage everyone to get out and support all of our local businesses as we navigate through this pandemic.”

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The City said the emergency expansion of Cranborok’s existing outdoor patio program will be in effect until October 31st, 2021. That is the same length of the time the B.C. Government gave for its Temporary Expanded Service Area (TESA) program, which is open to local restaurants with existing food and liquor licenses.

Any business wanting a patio will still have to apply like previous iterations of the program, but the City said staff are ready to expedite all applications as quickly as possible.

Further details on Cranbrook’s updated patio program can be found below.

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