A proposed boundary expansion along Cranbrook’s 17th Street South has been given approval by the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK).

Cranbrook’s original proposed boundary expansion from October 2019.
(Supplied by City of Cranbrook)

Back in 2019, the City of Cranbrook looked to incorporate 18 properties in the area, but the proposal was shot down as only two of the 18 properties were in support. Going back to the drawing board, the City of Cranbrook proposed a new boundary expansion in September. The new proposal included only three properties that were wanting to be brought into city limits.

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Cranbrook City Council voted in favour of the proposal back on September 17th, leading to necessary consultations with the RDEK, First Nations groups, and the Ministry of Transporation and Infrastructure.

Results of Cranbrook’s initial consultation with property owners about their original proposed boundary expansion put forward in October 2019.
(Supplied by City of Cranbrook)

Since those consultations, the RDEK now supports the newly revised boundary expansion, which is 4.8-hectares.

Despite the RDEK’s support, the proposed expansion can only be approved by the B.C. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in order to proceed. If the ministry gives approval, that would then lead the City of Cranbrook to either hold a referendum or Alternative Approval Process (AAP) to make the expansion a reality and formally incorporate the three parcels into the City.

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Cranbrook’s revised boundary expansion proposal as of September 2020.
(Supplied by City of Cranbrook)