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Woman fined after throwing cigarette out car window

Elk Valley RCMP issued a $575 ticket to a woman after she chucked her cigarette butt out a vehicle window during a conversation with police.

On Sunday, July 5th, Elk Valley RCMP were patrolling the Coal Creek Forest Service Road around 10:30 am. RCMP said they came upon a white Nissan Altima that was facing downhill on a trail and appeared to be high-centred on a water-bar.

RCMP was in the area after receiving a report of a stolen vehicle in the same vicinity, although the vehicle was of a different make and model.

The police officer noted a woman in the back seat of the Nissan Altima and began to ask her a series of questions about the situation.

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“At one point during their conservation, the female rolled down her window and threw a cigarette butt out the window,” said Elk Valley RCMP. “When she failed to comply with officer questions and demands, she jumped out of the vehicle and took off running.”

RCMP said the woman was located minutes later and given a $575 ticket under the Wildfire Act.

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