American President Donald Trump criticized during visit to Ohio

Protesters in Dayton, Ohio greeted American President Donald Trump’s visit with the city’s new rallying cry of “Do something!”

Local officials have been wary of Trump’s visits to Ohio and Texas today in the wake of weekend mass shootings that killed a total of 31 people.

FedEx severing ties with Amazon

FedEx is severing ties with Amazon as the online retailer builds out its own delivery fleet and becomes more of a threat.

The shipping company announced this morning it will no longer make ground deliveries for Amazon, two months after it terminated its air delivery contract.

Studies underway into risks of using pot during pregnancy

Several studies are underway to determine if using pot during pregnancy harms the fetus and leads to brain damage.

There’s no proof cannabis can relieve morning sickness, and mainstream medicine advises against use in pregnancy because of studies suggesting it might cause premature birth.