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Cranbrook cats controlled like canines

The City of Cranbrook is reminding cat owners that their feline family members are their responsibility and can’t be running wild on other people’s personal property or wandering the community.

Under the Animal Control Bylaw, cats are treated exactly like dogs. The City said if they are off their own home property and aren’t leashed, they are considered to be running-at-large.

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“As the City’s bylaw officer, I take so many calls from homeowners frustrated by nuisance cats damaging their gardens, scratching vehicles or spraying on patio furniture,” said Naomi Humenny, Bylaw Officer for the City of Cranbrook. “It shouldn’t be the responsibility of the property owner to find ways to manage the behaviour of cats allowed to roam at large.”

The Animal Control Bylaw also limits the number of cats and dogs allowed on a property. As per the bylaw, the maximum number of pets allowed is six, with no more than three dogs or three cats per household.

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“I am asking all cat owners to please take steps to make sure your cat remains at home and is not allowed to wander the neighbourhood,” added Humenny.

All residents are encouraged to fully review the Animal Control Bylaw to ensure they are in compliance.

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