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Trump to be met with protests as he visits mass shooting sites; Naloxone being praised for U.S overdoses being down for the first time in almost 30 years

Trump being asked to change views on immigration

The U.S. President will be met with multiple protests as he visits El Paso and Dayton today. Both cities were the scenes of mass shootings over the weekend killing 31 people combined. Protestors believe Donald Trump’s anti-immigration attitude contributed to the cause of the shootings. The mayors of both cities are asking Trump to change his views.

Prescriptions of overdose-reversing drug up 100% last year in U.S.

Deaths from overdoses are down in the U.S. for the first time in decades and naloxone could be the reason. Prescriptions of the overdose-reversing drug rose around 100 per cent to over half a million last year. At least two-thirds of U.S. overdoses involve opioids and officials are trying to put naloxone in as many people’s hands who may be around someone at risk.

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Police seize 100 guns from a Nova Scotia Home

A 73-year-old man is facing in safe firearm storage charges after RCMP accidentally found 100 unsecured guns in his home. Police responded to a misdialed 911 call in Nova Scotia earlier this week when it led them to the house. They seized all 94 long-guns and six handguns after the man gave the police permission to enter his home.

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