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Cranbrook Council approves draft Strategic Plan for public input

Cranbrook City Council has supported the draft 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, leading staff to circulate the document and collect feedback from the public about the City’s long-term vision for the community. A public survey will be launched next week.

Gathering back in February, City Council and staff took part in strategic planning sessions to identify Cranbrook’s priorities and cast a vision for the future. The end result is a 27-page Strategic Plan that includes Cranbrook’s Mission, Visions, and Values, as well as six top priorities for 2020.

“We have to have a little forward-looking vision to see what our plans are and of course that all comes back to money, and then the money comes down on to the directors of how they’re going to produce that or supply or make it successful within the budget that we have,” said Mayor Lee Pratt.

The Strategic Plan outlines six 2020 priorities revolving around good governance, a robust economy and the environment.

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  • Good Governance
    • Trust between council and administration is improved
    • Update the organization chart and identify vacant positions and gaps
    • Revisit priority-based budgeting
    • Review and adopt a draft reserve and surplus policy based on principles of effectiveness, transparency, and city sustainability
  • Robust Economy
    • Create an online presence that provides a streamlined process for accessing city services
  • Environment
    • Create a water quality and supply master plan

Besides the top priorities, 24 medium priority items were highlighted by City Council and staff.

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Pratt said they discussed the priorities at length during their strategic planning sessions.

“There was a lot of discussion that took place when we were doing the plan and all that comes out to fruition at that time, what’s priority as we list it,” Pratt told “We have to remember that this is not a document written in stone and it’s a work in progress. If something comes up, that changes something from say a Priority 3 to a Priority 1 then we certainly would deal with it at that time. We have to have a starting point, and that’s basically what this is.”

After City Council approved the draft Strategic Plan on Monday, City staff will now start preparations to gather public feedback on the document. A survey will be opened on June 15th and remain open until June 26th, 2020 for residents to submit their thoughts on the future of the City.

The Strategic Plan Survey is not to be confused with the Citizen Satisfaction Survey that was launched at the end of May by the City. Pratt said the Citizen Satisfaction Survey is for people to provide their thoughts on the current workings of City Council and staff, while the Strategic Plan Survey is for feedback and thoughts on the future of the community.

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Following public feedback, the Strategic Plan will incorporate the public’s feelings and thoughts before it is presented for approval to City Council on July 13, 2020.

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