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Federal Government to Provide $650-Million to First Nations, Innuit, and Metis

Justin Trudeau says the federal government will continue to work with provinces to make sure workers receive 10 paid sick days a year.

In his daily briefing, the Prime Minister gave highlights of last night’s First Minister’s meeting saying the conditions in long-term care homes were discussed and he promised the Premiers the federal government will continue to support the provinces as they work to clean up and protect seniors in these homes. But Trudeau did not provide specific details on the discussions with the provinces and territories.  He stressed the management of long-term care homes is the jurisdiction of the provinces.

Trudeau also announced another $650-million for First Nations, Innuit, and Metis communities.  The funding will support healthcare in communities that are not properly equipped, boost the on-reserve income assistance program for people who need help paying for basic necessities and provide additional investment in emergency shelters for women and children.

Trudeau says, “COVID-19 has further highlighted the unique challenges that already exist for Indigenous peoples and communities. We are listening to Indigenous peoples, and are working with them to ensure they have the support they need to get through this crisis.”

Today’s funding announcement is in addition to $305-million in funding through the Indigenous Community Support Fund and $75-million for organizations working with Indigenous people living in urban areas and off-reserve.

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