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City of Kimberley Issues Water Quality Advisory

The City of Kimberley is alerting the public that they have issued a Water Quality Advisory as water quality is “fair” due to increased turbidity or cloudiness in the water supply.

It is common during the freshet or spring run-off for water to turn cloudy, and given the recent warmer weather, the turbidity is starting to rise.

“Turbidity is a measurement of water clarity and can be an indicator of a potential health risk,” said the City of Kimberley. “Water quality is considered to be good when turbidity levels are less than 1 NTU, fair when between 1 to 5 NTU and poor when greater than 5 NTU.”

“Health risks increase as turbidity rises, particularly for at-risk populations such as newborns, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems,” continued the City in its Water Quality Advisory. “Contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and parasites can attach themselves to the suspended particles in turbid water.”

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At this time, the City of Kimberley and Interior Health are recommending that child, people with weakened immune systems or the elderly find a safe alternative such as bottled water, or drink boiled water to ensure their own safety during the advisory.

“For these at-risk populations, water intended for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, making juice or ice, or brushing teeth should be boiled for one minute. Boiled water should then be refrigerated in a clean, covered container. Customers could also choose to use bottled or distilled water, or water that has been filtered through a well-maintained treatment device.”

More: Kimberley Water Quality Advisory – May 19, 2020 (City of Kimberley)

Any owners of public facilities must post the Water Quality Advisory are all drinking locations and sinks accessible to the public, or the public taps and fountains may be turned off for the time being.

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