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Suspicious Man, Abandonded Clothes Prompt Columbia Valley RCMP Investigation

Columbia Valley RCMP investigated a recent report of a suspicious man near Sinclair Creek Road in Radium Hot Springs over the weekend, but there was no cause for concern.

The report came into police around 3:15 am on Saturday, May 9th.

“The complainant reported a male fled into the bush when he was confronted,” said RCMP. “Police responded and located clothing near the creek which the complainant identified as being similar to the clothing worn by the suspicious male.”

As a result, RCMP called Columbia Valley Search and Rescue and got the assistance of a police dog to search the area. Police said they asked for assistance out of an abundance of caution to ensure the man didn’t enter the creek or need medical assistance.

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“Later the same day an individual attended the search area to retrieve the clothing he had left near the creek several days earlier,” said RCMP. “Police were able to rule out the clothing as belonging to the suspicious male.”

Seeing as the search was concluded, RCMP was satisfied they were no longer dealing with a potential missing person case and closed their investigation on the matter.

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