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Long weekend relief at the pumps; PM says Canadians will get medication they need

Gas prices to drop

Since when does the price of gas go down on a long weekend?  According to Gas Price Wizard Dan McTeague the price at the pumps will drop $0.04 a litre at midnight across the country except where prices are regulated.  McTeague says U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweets about Chinese trade talks get the credit.

PM assures Canadians medication will be protected

Amidst fears a proposed policy south of the border will short change Canadians needing prescription drugs the PM says that isn’t going to happen.  Justin Trudeau pledged that Canadians will have access to the medication they need.  The U.S. announced they are considering allowing Americans to import cheaper drugs from other countries including Canada and experts say this country cannot supply both.

Historic arms treaty signed by Gorbachev and Reagan dies

There are fears this morning of a new global arms race.  They come as a thirty year arms control treaty between the United States and Russia died early this morning. If the mega powers can’t reach a new pact by 2021 there will no longer be any limits on the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals for the first time in over three decades.

China threatens retaliation against Americans

It’s an international case of an eye for an eye.  China is threatening countermeasures if U.S. President Donald Trump makes good on his threat to impose a 10-percent tariff on the $300-billion worth of Chinese imports he hasn’t already taxed.  A statement from China’s government says “all the consequences will be borne by the United States.”

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