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Dr. Tams Says 43% of COVID-19 Cases Fully Recovered

In Canada, there are now 61,159 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 3,915 deaths.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer says over 940,000 people have been tested to date, with 6% coming back positive.

Some good news Tuesday afternoon, as Dr. Theresa Tam confirmed currently over 26,000 or 43% of all confirmed cases in Canada have recovered.

Tam marked Tuesday as “Stop, Clean Your Hands Day” which takes place annually in conjunction with the World Health Organization’s Global Campaign for Safe Life.

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She stressed how washing hands can mean the difference between life and death, pointing to over 175-years ago when new mothers were saved from some deadly infections by physicians cleaning their hands before deliveries.

Tam reminds that nothing beats a bit of soap and a 20-second scrub, back of hands, front of hands in between the fingers and don’t forget your thumbs and fingertips.

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