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Several Bears Spotted in Fernie Area

WildSafeBC is warning Fernie residents after a grizzly bear and a mother bear with two cubs were sighted in the area on Sunday and Monday morning.

WildSafeBC said a grizzly bear was reported to be passing through yards along Highline Drive and Boomerang Way at Fernie Alpine Resort on Monday Morning.

Residents are reminded of the importance of keeping attractants off of their property to avoid run-ins with wildlife at home.

On Sunday, WildSafeBC said that a mother bear with two cubs was seen along Fernie’s Dairy Run trail.

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WildSafe said that many of the area’s biking trails are in prime bear habitat, and those going through them should always be prepared for an encounter with animals.

It added that some wilderness safety tips include making noise, knowing how to use bear spray and taking it along with you, leaving pets at home, and keeping an awareness of your surroundings.

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