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Cranbrook Firefighters Want People to Exercise Fire Safety at Home

Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services is hoping residents take fire safety seriously with many people working from home, using home offices, and increasing their use of computers or other electronic devices.

“Please remember that your space may not be properly designed to supply the required electricity,” said Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services, while offering several home fire safety tips to the community.

Fire Safety Reminders:

• A laptop battery can cause a fire. If you use a laptop on a couch or a bed, make sure the battery is vented and your laptop does not overheat. Do not leave a laptop on a bed or soft surface unattended.
• Make sure you do not overload outlets. Pull the plug, not the cord, when disconnecting an electrical device. Never remove a plug when your hands are wet, or if you’re touching a metal object, and remember the third prong of a plug exists for safety reasons. Do not break it off or bypass it.
• Use proper charge cables to recharge electronic device like mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops.
• Keep cords away from sources of heat and water. Cords and plugs that show signs of wear or damage need to be replaced. Stop using them immediately. Do not place a cord under a carpet, through a doorway, or anywhere that it could be stepped on, and always use extension cords that are properly rated for electricity you’ll be using.
• Use a certified power bar if you need to plug multiple items into an outlet and unplug your electrical gadgets when they’re not in use.
• Discuss fire safety with your family so they know how to stay safe in the event of a fire. Have an escape plan. Have working smoke alarms. Have a meeting place. Instruct everybody to call 9-1-1 when they get out.
• Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms work. Use the test button to ensure the alarms work. If the alarm fails to sound, check and replace batteries if necessary.
• With everyone spending more time at home and maybe cooking more than normal, the need to remain alert in the kitchen is as important as always. Prevent unattended cooking fires. Stay in the kitchen while cooking.

“We want you to discover new and safe ways to operate your businesses, and we want you to remain safe while you move through our community in the days ahead,” said Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services.

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Making necessary shifts to better promote important fire and life safety messages during this time, the Cranbrook firefighters are reminding the public that they are in the community to keep residents safe.

Anyone that has questions or would like additional fire safety information is invited to phone the Cranbrook Fire Department at 250-426-2325.

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