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Cranbrook Fire Chief Pens Special Message to Residents

Scott Driver, Director of Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services, has written a special letter to City residents, asking them to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic while they adjust their response to the situation.

Read Driver’s letter below:

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“Service. It’s why we’re here. It’s what we do. Fire services have never been a simple thing to deliver, and current events have not made that challenge any easier. Every aspect of our lives is being impacted by COVID-19, and your first responders are certainly not immune to these challenges. We’re working hard to get our services out the door safely, both for you and for us.

The fire service is a part of this community, just as you are. We work along-side our neighbours to help one another, and we rely on them in times of need. We’ve changed the way we get through the day, and we worry that we may not be doing enough, or that we have done too much. We’re no different than you. We try to do our best, and we hope that our neighbours are trying as well. It is our deeply held belief that our continued service to this community, like your service to one another, is the best path forward.

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With the number of fire deaths in BC for 2020 already in excess of 15, there is no dispute that there is a significant need for well trained and equipped suppression crews. Further, I would argue that we must support those efforts with solid public fire and life safety education. The issue here is that due to this pandemic, most of our traditional communication lines have been disrupted. In order to serve you well, the fire service needs to pivot. Firefighters need to find new and relevant ways to get our message out. This work is critically important to your safety. I truly believe that in this business, prevention has tremendous value to our customers. Our efforts must be two-fold if we are to truly accomplish our goal of serving our community.

This team wants each of us to be safe in our homes and on our property. We want you to discover new and safe ways to operate your businesses, and we want you to remain safe while you move through our community in the days ahead.

Our commitment is to you. We are making significant shifts in order to better promote the excellent fire and life safety messages that have traditionally been shared face-to-face. We continue to expand our messaging out to those who need it in ways that work today. Our loved ones live here too. We’re here to serve our community.

From our family to yours, be kind and be safe.

Scott Driver, Director
Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services”

Scott Driver, Director of Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services. (Supplied by The City of Cranbrook)
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