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Category 2 and 3 Fires Banned Across the Province

Across B.C., Category 2 and 3 fires have been banned to keep air quality as high as possible amid the COVID-19 pandemic and reduce demand for firefighting resources throughout the province.

The Province said the strategic use of wildfire management will be critical this fire season, so reducing the number of unnecessary human-caused wildfires is vital. It added that it is crucial that B.C.’s firefighters stay healthy and ready in case they are needed.

The B.C. Government said that larger open burns pose an unnecessary risk and could diminish wildfire detection and response amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ban is also in support of recommendations from the BCCDC to help reduce excess air pollution around the province.

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Category 2 fires include burning piles larger than two meters high and three meters high or grass fires smaller than 0.2 hectares. Category 3 fires any fires larger than category 2 and one or more burning windrows.

Campfires smaller than half a meter wide and half a meter tall are still allowed for the time being.


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