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Cranbrook Gas Prices Remain High While Provincial Prices Drop

Cranbrook’s gas prices all sit at 113.9 as of Thursday afternoon, the 10th most expensive in all of Canada, while prices steadily drop elsewhere in British Columbia.

As per GasBuddy, the average gas price of all stations in British Columbia is 110.9, while the average in all of Canada is 87.4. British Columbia historically has always had higher gas prices than the rest of the country, however, Cranbrook’s stations remain among the highest in the province.

Currently, as of Thursday, March 19, 2020, these are the average prices of some notable communities around the province:

  • Prince George – 88.9
  • Kamloops – 97.9
  • Vernon -105.9
  • Kelowna – 109.9
  • Penticton – 109.9
  • Vancouver – 111.7
  • Victoria – 113.9
  • Cranbrook – 113.9 reached out to all of Cranbrook’s gas stations to learn how their prices are set.

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Petro-Canada was not available for comment, Fas Gas and Chevron didn’t disclose how their prices are set or didn’t have information to share, while Esso, Shell, and Husky said their head offices determine the price.

Cranbrook’s monthly price trends. (Supplied by GasBuddy)
British Columbia’s monthly price trends. (Supplied by GasBuddy)
Canada’s monthly price trends. (Supplied by GasBuddy)

In comparison to the Canadian and B.C. averages, Cranbrook’s prices stayed steady at 124.9 from September 2019 to January 2020. British Columbia saw an average gas price of 91.4 in September 2019 down to 88.3 by January. Meanwhile, Canada’s average was 115.4 down to 113.1 during that same time period.

For a more direct comparison between Cranbrook and Vancouver, the two cities show a vastly different story. Consistently more expensive than Cranbrook, Vancouver’s prices have now plummeted along with the majority of British Columbia while Cranbrook has yet to catch up or adjust to its usual average.

Averages Cranbrook Vancouver
September 2019 124.9 147.6
October 2019 124.9 152.0
November 2019 124.9 136.2
December 2019 124.9 133.5
January 2020 124.9 136.5
February 2020 119.7 140.8
March 19, 2020 113.9 111.7

As of Thursday, Cranbrook’s prices are the 10th highest in all of Canada and have yet to adjust to the changing market in British Columbia as prices continue to drop across the country due to increased supply given the COVID-19 outbreak and the decreased amount of vehicle travel across the country.

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