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Elkford Fire Rescue Calls Attention to Dangerous Drivers on Highway 43

Responding to an emergency call Wednesday morning on Highway 43, Elkford Fire Rescue was “shocked” at some of the behaviours on the road as drivers failed to get out of the way while others blasted right through the emergency scene.

“We all were shocked this morning at those motorists that chose to just do what they wanted,” wrote Elkford Fire Rescue on Facebook. “Most did not pull over to the side of the road to allow us to pass safely en-route and many did not follow our traffic commands on scene.”

According to Elkford Fire Rescue, one driver blew through the scene “without hesitation” and put a responding firefighter at risk.

“Our firefighters are very near and dear to our hearts, they are your sons or daughters, brothers or sisters, husbands or wives, fathers, or mothers,” continued Elkford Fire Rescue. “What we witnessed this morning was life threatening and should be a moment of reflection for those that continue to drive like clowns.”

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The firefighters thanked those that did follow their direction on the icy road Wednesday morning but called out the problematic drivers that put those on scene at risk of serious injury.

“Everyone deserves a safe work site we are no exception.”

Elkford Fire Rescue is reminding all motorists to “slow, stop and anticipate the unexpected” when approaching an emergency scene, making sure to move out of the way of emergency vehicles and to slow down.

As per the Motor Vehicle Act, all vehicles on both sides of the road must pull over to leave a clear path whenever an emergency vehicle uses its sirens and flashing lights. All vehicles must reduce their maximum speed to 70 km/h for any stopped vehicles with flashing lights. If the speed limit is less than 80 km/h then all vehicle must reduce their maximum speed to 40 km/h.

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See the full Facebook post from Elkford Fire Rescue below:

The social media post from Elkford Fire Rescue on March 4, 2020 after responding to an emergency call on Highway 43 that morning. (Supplied by Elkford Fire Rescue, Facebook)
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