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Kimberley RCMP Remove Three Impaired Drivers Over Two Days

Over the course of two days, Kimberley RCMP removed three impaired drivers from the roads, two of which resulted in further charges possibly being laid.

Kimberley RCMP said they had received a report from Columbia Valley RCMP on Friday, of an impaired driver heading south on Highway 93/95. Officers noted signs of alcohol consumption upon stopping the driver near Skookumchuck.

According to Kimberley RCMP, the driver had three young children in the vehicle, one of which was sitting in his lap.

“The child told the officer if her dad’s driving was bad it’s because she was steering,” said the Kimberley RCMP.

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According to police, the driver refused to provide a breath sample and was given a 90-day driving suspension and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

“Driving impaired is putting yourself and others at risk, and if you have your children in the vehicle, of course, that’s putting them at risk,” said Sgt. Chris Newel. “An there’s the fact that he had one of them in his lap. If there was a quick breaking for an animal or icy conditions, that child could have been quite hurt.”

The following day, Kimberley RCMP said it received a report of stolen tools from St. Mary’s Lake Road. Officers again noted signs of alcohol consumption, and the driver blew two samples, both read as ‘Fail.’

RCMP said they issued the diver another 90-day suspension and had his vehicle impounded for 30 days. Police said the stolen tools were recovered and will be sending the circumstances to Crown Council concerning the charges.

Another vehicle was stopped later the same day after an officer noticed the vehicle was driving with no tail lights and the driver did not signal when turning.

According to the Kimberley RCMP, the 61-year-old woman refused to provide a breath sample and was under conditions not to drink alcohol.

Police said that it will be forwarding the circumstances to Crown Council and recommend charges of Failing to Comply with a Court Order and Refusal to Provide a Breath Sample. The driver was also given tickets for not having a driver’s license, no insurance, and the wrong plate number.

“When we deal with impaired drivers, lots of times there are more details to the story and these people are facing more charges as a result of these stops,” said Newel.

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