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Teck Resources Sets 2050 Target for Carbon Neutrality

Teck Resources has announced that the mining giant is looking to become carbon neutral at all of its operations by 2050.

Making the announcement Monday, Teck said the objective is part of their “commitment to climate action” along with sustainable and responsible development of resources.

“Setting the objective to be carbon neutral by 2050 is an important step forward in our commitment to reducing emissions and taking action on climate change,” said Don Lindsay, President and CEO of Teck Resources. “Climate change is a global challenge that our company and our industry need to contribute to solving.”

Teck Resources said their goal demonstrates their support of the Paris Agreement to limit the increasing temperature of the globe and playing their part by transitioning to a low-carbon economy worldwide.

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“We will pursue the technologies and measures necessary to reduce carbon emissions across our business, while continuing to responsibly provide the metals and minerals necessary for the world’s transition to a low-carbon economy,” added Lindsay.

The initial roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 for Teck is to first avoid emissions and then moving to minimize and eliminate emissions. Teck said that includes looking at alternative ways of moving materials at their mines in the Elk Valley, implementing efficiency improvements, and using cleaner power sources.

As part of Monday’s announcement, Teck said they are also looking to significantly increase their copper production, to help invest in the metals needed for a carbon neutral economy.

“Copper is an essential material for low-carbon technology, including electric vehicles and renewable power generation,” said Teck.

The majority of that copper production will come from Chile as they begin construction on the Quebrada Blanca Phase 2 Project.

“Becoming carbon neutral by 2050 builds on our work to date in reducing emissions and advocating for climate policies,” added Teck. “Since 2011, Teck has implemented projects and initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at our operations by 289,000 tonnes, which is the equivalent to taking over 88,000 combustion engine cars off the road.

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