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Bear and Cubs Reported in Fernie Backyard

A bear and cubs were reported in a backyard on Ridgemont Avenue in Fernie early Monday morning, prompting warnings and reminders from WildSafeBC Elk Valley.

“We all enjoy living here and must always be aware of our surroundings and respectful of our environment,” said Kathy Murray, WildSafeBC Elk Valley. “Thank you to everyone who is making an effort to prevent human/wildlife conflict.”

A black bear and cubs were also seen on “Sherwoody Forest” trail in Fernie, while a moose was recently spotted at the top of “Phat Bastard” Trail and “Montane” Trail on Sunday.

Following the most recent sightings, Murray is reminding area residents and seasonal visitors about ways to limit contact with wildlife, especially bears.

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“Store garbage in a secure garage or shed or inside your house until collection day, bring in bird feeders between May and November, clean your BBQ’s and manage all other attractants responsibly,” said Murray for tips at home.

If hiking or biking, Murray said people should make noise to warn wildlife of your presence; watch for signs of wildlife activity such as tracks, fresh scat or claw marks; travel in groups in daylight and to avoid littering on trails.

Murray said that carrying bear spray and knowing how to use it is an extremely effective deterrent for wildlife and could potentially save someone’s life they are in a serious wildlife conflict.

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