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College of the Rockies Sending Students to Learn Abroad

Ten students from the College of the Rockies will travel abroad to learn more about their chosen field.

The College said that the experience is intended to enhance intercultural skills in an increasingly connected world.

Two Bachelor of Business Administration: Sustainable Business Practices students will be off to the European Principality of Andorra, located between France and Spain. The College said the two Students, Daniel Denegri Estrada and Sarah Clarricoates, will attend a semester at the University of Andorra.

“Spending an entire semester in Andorra is a fantastic opportunity to actually integrate myself into another culture,” said Estrada. “Because the university there has exchange programs with a lot of other countries, it’s also a chance to meet people from all over Europe.”

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The College feels the opportunities for students to learn abroad can have a positive impact on the future careers of students that take part.

“The world is increasingly interconnected. In order to be successful in a business career in today’s world, individuals need to be culturally competent and globally aware,” said Darrell Bethune, Dean of Business and University Arts and Sciences. “There’s no better way to
achieve this than to immerse oneself into a new cultural experience. These semesters abroad will help these students to grow as individuals, and enhance their employment prospects after they graduate.”

Additionally, eight Practical Nursing students will be in Ireland for a week in February. The College said students will have an opportunity to learn with students and faculty of the Athlone Institute of Technology.

“Ireland has an ageing population, just like Canada, so it will be interesting to see how their health care system manages that,” said Jenny Arts, a Practical Nursing student. “Seeing a different approach to health care will help me to develop and improve my own practice as a student nurse, and as a future LPN. My fellow students and I are excited about this opportunity.”

The intent, according to the College, is to observe nursing practices in a variety of settings and see similarities and differences in care between Ireland and Canada.

“Taking part in this extraordinary field trip allows our Practical Nursing students to expand their global awareness and to gain a better understanding of the role of nurses as partners in global health,” said Heather Hepworth, Dean of Health and Human Services. “Students will have the opportunity to appreciate the impact nurses have on people’s experience of health in the face of increasingly complex global health challenges and issues.”

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