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Cannabis Edibles, Topicals and Extracts will Soon be Available for B.C. Residents

The Provincial government has begun distribution on new non-medical cannabis products as the second phase of legalization begins.

The B.C. government said that the Liquor Distribution Branch (LBD) received its first shipments of the new products on December 18th, and is now available to retailers throughout the province.

Only a small number of the products are expected to be publicly available in the first few months of 2020, however, as supplies will depend on demand across Canada.

The LBD is the sole wholesaler of non-medical cannabis products in B.C. and it has registered more than 260 individual products across the range of new cannabis products available.

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New products include carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, edibles such as chocolate and cookies, vaporizers and cartridges, extracts like hashish and shatter, and topicals defined as cannabis-infused products for hair skin, or nails.

“The addition of edibles, extracts and topicals represent the provincial government’s commitment to providing safe, regulated non-medical cannabis products to B.C. consumers,” said Blain Lawson, LDB’s general manager and CEO. “A lot of work has gone into procuring these products, and we look forward to working with our suppliers as they continue to introduce new products to the market.”

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