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Cranbrook modernizes pet licensing process

Cranbrook has partnered with DocuPet, taking the dog and cat licensing process online.

City officials said getting new or renewed licenses will be easier and more streamlined.

“We are excited about our partnership with DocuPet, as their online licensing platform will be easy for pet owners to use and necessary for animal safety within the community,” said Paul Heywood, Manager of Building and Bylaw Services.

“This pet licensing partnership will help reduce the number of stray animals while providing unique licensing options for all residents.”

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City officials said its partnership with DocuPet includes a complimentary 24/7 lost pet service when you buy your license and each tag provided by this service will come with the technology.

“All tags are equipped with a unique code on the back, linking directly to the pet’s secure online profile and allowing for the dog or cat to be back at home in minutes,” said city officials. “As well, the City’s partnership with DocuPet includes 24/7 dispatch staff to help reunite lost pets with their families.”

License fees for a dog cost $30 (sterilized) or $60 (non-sterilized) while cats are $15 (sterilized) or $30 (non-sterilized) and will remain valid for one year from the time of purchase.

“We are very proud to kick off this effective program with the City of Cranbrook to increase pet identification and reunification services for all residents,” said Grant Goodwin, CEO of DocuPet.

“Lost pets wearing DocuPet license tags spend little to no time in the shelter versus unlicensed pets. Running an effective pet identification program is incredibly important for the welfare of pets in the community, so we thank the City for coming on board to be an impactful part of the solution.”

You will still be able to license your pets by mail, over the phone or in person at City Hall.

You can license your pet online here.

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