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Cranbrook begins annual mosquito control work

It’s a bad time to be a mosquito larva in the Cranbrook area, as the city is starting its eradication efforts.

A contractor is completing the first treatment which is directed at mosquitos in the larval stage.

City staff said the treatment is done by hand placing the larvicide Aquabac onto sites where mosquito larvae have been found.

Aquabac is a naturally occurring bacteria that specifically targets mosquito larvae and isn’t harmful to other insects or animals.

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Potential mosquito breeding sites will be monitored throughout the summer and will be treated if needed.

Residents can also do their part in making sure the mosquito population stays low.

City staff said you should be routinely checking standing water on your property. This can include water in tires, tarps, birdbaths or untreated pools or ponds.

Residents can also call the mosquito hotline at (250) 421-1294 to report any potential mosquito breeding sites to the city.

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