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Cranbrook gearing up for Memorial Arena grand re-opening

Cranbrook is holding a community celebration to ring in the grand reopening of the Memorial Arena.

The free event is set for Saturday, April 27 from 3 to 10 p.m.

“The City is planning a formal event to recognize the contributions of more than twenty dedicated contractors and commercial businesses that supported the massive effort to save the Memorial Arena and have it reopened for the public and for users,” said city officials.

The event will also feature food trucks, a beer garden, and live music.

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While the event is open to the public, there is a maximum capacity of 1,000 people.

“Select user groups most directly impacted by the Memorial Arena closure have already been given early access to the facility as of this past weekend,” said Trevor Thors, Director of Recreation and Culture.

“This event is meant to be a formal recognition of the contractors and businesses for their hard work to make the Memorial Arena safe for everyone, as well as to recognize the patience of the public and user groups while the major repairs were made.”

Construction on the Memorial Arena repair project has been ongoing since Nov 2023.

“The repairs made to the Memorial Arena were budgeted at $3 million and included a generous $500,000 contribution from the Regional District of East Kootenay,” said city officials.

“The City of Cranbrook gratefully acknowledges the financial contributions of the Canada Community Building Fund (former Gas Tax Fund) toward this important infrastructure project.”

The arena will be fully reopened after the April 27 celebration.

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