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Bucks coach reflects on season filled with challenges

The Cranbrook Bucks are looking to learn from their mistakes over the regular season and make a splash in the playoffs.

The team finished seventh in the Interior division with a 20-31-3 record.

“Certainly not how we drew it up when we started the year, but I think that’s a big part of the journey and a big part of the adversity that this group has gone through,” said head coach Ryan Donald.

The Bucks were much lower in the standings this season, compared to their second-place finish the year prior.

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The team was able to still clinch the last playoff seed in the division and hopes that their shortfalls were preparation for what’s to come.

“We chatted here ahead of the playoffs and we felt like the adversity and some of the challenges that we faced over the course of the year have prepared us well for what the playoffs are going to hold,” added Donald.

But anything can happen in the playoffs.

“The standings are a good indicator of what’s already happened, but it doesn’t tell you much about what the future is going to bring.”

He said their mindset going in will be to play the underdog.

“We look at the standings and that’s going to be the approach that we have as a team that’s going to be on the road in the first round.”

The Bucks are facing the West Kelowna Warriors on April 5 for Game 1.

Game 2 will be the next night and the Bucks will play their first home game of the postseason on April 9.

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