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HomeNewsCranbrook reveives $9.5 million to build Phillips Reservoir UV disinfection facility

Cranbrook reveives $9.5 million to build Phillips Reservoir UV disinfection facility

The City of Cranbrook will move forward with the new Phillips Reservoir UV disinfection facility thanks to $9.5 million from the provincial and federal governments.

City officials said $5.19 million is coming from the Canadian government’s Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, with another $4.32 million coming from the B.C. government.

Cranbrook is putting forward $3.46 million to bring the total project budget to $12.99 million.

“On World Water Day, we reflect on the significance of access to clean and safe water supply and sustainable water treatment management. To support healthy communities and protect ecosystems, we must prioritize upgrades and maintenance of clean drinking water facilities and wastewater treatment systems,” said Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of Emergency Preparedness. “These initiatives aim to establish essential infrastructure, enabling British Columbians to meet their basic needs and empowering communities to tackle water-related challenges for generations to come.”

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City officials said the Phillips Reservoir UV disinfection facility will use an ultraviolet disinfection and liquid chlorine system.

Cranbrook’s water supply currently uses a single-treatment system with only chlorine.

The new facility will be built just downstream from the Phillips Dam and existing treatment system.

“This is an important project that will further protect the City’s water quality and provide safe and clean drinking water for decades to come,” said Mayor Wayne Price. “We are thankful and grateful to be one of the communities selected in this $270-million ICIP grant program. Without partnership and supportive funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of BC, this project would have been difficult to accomplish.”

City staff said the project is still in its early phases, with design work set to begin this year.

“Given the importance of this project, the City will be updating the public on a regular basis as the project progresses,” said city officials.

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