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B.C. to help vineyards and orchards replant crops

The provincial government will help farmers growing grapes, cherries, tree fruit and berries regrow their crops with up to $70 million in grants available for farmers.

B.C. government officials said the move will make farms more resilient to climate change and strengthen food security.

“We’re taking action to support farmers who have been hit hard by a changing climate with a new task force and replant program, which will help about 1,000 more growers revitalize their farms and protect their businesses. The security of our food and our economy depends on the strength and resilience of our farmers,” said Premier David Eby.

The provincial government will provide up to $70 million from a new enhanced replant program.

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This program is meant to support farmers in replacing damaged, diseased and low-producing vines, plants and trees with hardy varieties of in-demand fruit.

“Our government is here for B.C. producers who are facing challenges from severe vine and orchard damage from extreme weather, as well as those impacted by pests, plant disease and changing consumer and market demand,” said Pam Alexis, Minister of Agriculture and Food. “This historic investment will help producers replant for a changing climate with more support than ever before, which will strengthen our economy and ensure people can enjoy B.C. fruit and wine into the future.”

This comes after a sudden cold snap in January severely damaged fruit trees, in the Creston Valley.

According to Wloka Farms Fruit Stand, there will likely be few or no peaches or other soft fruit growing in the valley this year.

Frank Wloka said the damage is likely not limited to the Creston area.

“All the information I’m hearing is that basically, it’s affecting all of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Montana. It’s all to do with the Arctic front in the early part of January,” said Wloka.

Farmers are also getting ready for a prolonged drought expected for the season.

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