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Kootenay Street Village Opens its Doors to Residents

Senior citizens in Cranbrook have a new option in their long-term care, as 36 units in Golden life Management’s Kootenay Street Village began moving residents in.

The building includes 30 publicly funded units, and six private, flexible care units. The building recently opened its doors to allow people to move into their new homes.

“I’m very happy to see residents in the Cranbrook area benefit from this new facility,” said Katrine Conroy, Minister responsible for Columbia Basin Trust. “I am also very proud of the work that the Trust is doing to support communities in the Basin. These are important steps to make sure people entering long-term care have excellent amenities, and can enjoy home-like settings and fun activities like going to the pub or bistro while staying safe in care.”

Interior Health said two additional phases of the construction have yet to be finished. Phase two will include 61 independent living suites to open in the spring of 2020, phase three has yet to be announced bt Golden Life Management.

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“Our goal is to have Kootenay Street Village become a wellness hub for seniors’ health,” said Celeste Mullin, Vice President of Golden Life Management. “We focused on aligning our care and hospitality services with the needs of the greater community to support seniors both within and outside our Village walls.”

Due to contributions from Columbia Basin Trust, a minimum of 20 independent suites will be subsidized for low-income seniors.

“The Trust’s priority is to help ensure residents have access to housing that meets their needs,” said Johnny Strilaeff, Columbia Basin Trust President and CEO. “We are excited to be part of this Village as an investor and through supporting subsidized housing for low-income seniors.”

According to Interior Health, the provincial government has invested approximately $1 billion over three years to improve senior care. Investments include improved primary care, home health, long-term care and assisted living.

Mullin added that Golden life Management aims to create more opportunities for collaboration between professionals, residents, families, care staff and the community as a whole.

Interior Health said Kootenay Street Village was built with partnerships between itself, Columbia Basin Trust, and Golden Life Management.

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