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South Hill water and sanitary sewer LAS not going ahead

A proposed local area service to extend water and sanitary sewer services further South on 12th Avenue in the South Hill area of Cranbrook won’t move forward.

This comes after a petition process that started in December and wrapped up in January.

Twenty-two valid petitions were received by the city out of 27 residents in the South Hill area.

“I understand that the proposal was controversial for some residents, however, the LAS process was required to be followed to hear from the residents on the public record. In the end, Council believes the right outcome prevailed for most of the residents,” says Mayor Wayne Price.

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“The City is committed to working with residents who did want to receive the service extension, to explore if there are some possible smaller scale options for them, if it is practical.”

The LAS was intended to provide city water service, reliable sewer, fire hydrant spacing and vital fire water flow to the area instead of the wells and septic already there.

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