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Speeder caught with weapons near Sparwood

A man landed in some trouble after he was caught speeding along Highway 3 near Sparwood with prohibited weapons in his vehicle.

Elk Valley RCMP officials said an officer was patrolling along the highway on Sunday when he spotted a vehicle travelling over 145 kilometres per hour in a 100 km/h speed zone amid winter driving conditions.

The officer pulled the vehicle over and, upon approaching the vehicle, the driver was seen with a set of brass knuckles and bear spray within easy reach along with a large knife tucked into his boot.

“The driver was informed of the reason for the vehicle stop and the officer then had the male driver move the knife and bear spray away from him while seizing the brass knuckles due to the instrument being a prohibited device under the Criminal Code of Canada,” said RCMP officials.

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Upon further investigation, the driver was found to be in violation of a five-year weapons prohibition.

Elk Valley RCMP said the driver was given a speeding ticket, his vehicle was impounded for seven days, and the brass knuckles, bear spray and knife were confiscated.

“The driver attempted to explain that he needed the knife and bear spray for hiking purposes to defend himself from bears, but was quickly reminded bears hibernate over winter and that it was currently completely dark outside and as such, there was little evidence to support his claim,” said RCMP officials. “The driver was served the appropriate fines and impoundment notice and offered a ride to Sparwood, but refused and began to walk toward the town which was close by.”

Police officials said the investigation is ongoing.

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