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Kimberley RCMP get involved in high-risk youth committee

Kimberley RCMP is participating in a youth committee to better support children in high-risk lifestyles in the community.

Kimberley RCMP Sgt. Steeve Woodcox said this comes after a concerning rise in youth drug use in the community.

“We’re meeting regularly to try and identify those youths who are in trouble and get those resources to them,” said Woodcox.

The youth committee is aimed at helping youth at risk from addiction, mental health, crime or other situations.

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“When we have someone who is having issues, we find out what or who we get to be involved in this child’s life to try and get them help,” explained Woodcox. “Whether it’s a probation officer, a teacher or principal, or a police officer. Sometimes those connections help.”

Woodcox said children in the community face a number of challenges.

“The issues that we see are kids that are sometimes isolated, whether it’s because of bullying, issues at home, drug addiction or mental health,” explained Woodcox. “They’re sometimes associating with people from town or out of town who are involved in a high-risk lifestyle.”

Woodcox feels the efforts are needed and will prove to be beneficial.

“There’s a lot of things going on in the world, a lot of dangers and a lot of kids out there who need support,” said Woodcox.

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