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BC proposes legislation to speed up home construction

The province has introduced new legislation to reduce construction delays and streamline processes to fund key services, infrastructure and amenities for growing communities.

The legislation, if passed, supports the introduction of Bill 44 to allow upfront zoning, which the province says will facilitate an increase in housing supply in communities throughout BC.

The legislation will require municipal governments to shift their planning process to an upfront framework, pre-zone land to meet housing needs, and reduce the use of current rezoning processes.

“This amenity cost charge will be established before a project begins rather than in the middle of projects, increasing the transparency and certainty for homebuilders,” said Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon.

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“This will speed up the process while also allowing municipalities to continue to invest in the much needed infrastructures in our communities.”

Kahlon said this legislation will create more affordable housing and enable more affordability in projects.

“It takes away that long time of negotiating and it makes sure that there’s clarity and certainty on the front end so that proponents know what their costs are,” he explained.

“The biggest challenge I hear, whether they’re not-for-profit or for-profit builders, is that uncertainty and that negotiation and that delay in time, in that negotiation is where projects really struggle.”

Additionally, cost-shared provincial highway projects, such as interchanges and highway exits that benefit the community, such as accessing a new housing project, are included.

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