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Koocanusa Committee Seeking Feedback for the Future of Recreation

Koocanusa Recreation Steering Committee (KRSC) provided four open houses for the public to have its say in the future for recreation use in the area which has since ended. Surveys are available for those still eager to give their opinion, however.

Results from the feedback will be used to update the Koocanusa Recreation Plan for 2020, and guide its next steps.

“The KRSC produced the Koocanusa Recreation Strategy in 2017. Since then we’ve been implementing the results of that strategy,” said Jeff Zukiwsky, KRSC coordinator. “We’re now looking at the next phase of the project, which is trying to manage recreation across the entire Koocanusa area.”

Not only are East Kootenay residents encouraged to take part, but feedback is open to everyone that may enjoy the area.

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“The online survey and feedback form is open to everybody, no matter where they live.” said Zukiwsky “If they visit Koocanusa and they’re from out of province, or out of the country for that matter, they’re welcome to complete the survey.”

Zukiwsky added that a balance between recreation and preserving the area is important to maintain.

“There are wildlife habitats, there’s range values and archeological and cultural values. We try to balance all of those values while maintaining positive and important recreation experiences,” said Zukiwsky.

Surveys are available until December 15, 2019, through their website.

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