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Area restrictions lifted from two local wildfires

The Lladnar Creek and Lum Creek wildfires will have area restrictions lifted this week.

BC Wildfire Service officials said this comes as fire activity has decreased.

As a result, firefighting personnel will no longer need to restrict public access to effectively fight the blaze.

The Lladnar Creek wildfire near Sparwood is considered held, but crews will still be in the area.

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“The BC Wildfire Service reminds members of the public that the Lladnar Creek wildfire is an active worksite, and they should always exercise caution while travelling in the area,” said BC Wildfire Service officials. “Even if an area restriction has been rescinded, officials still have the authority under the Wildfire Act and its regulations to order anyone to leave the area.”

Meanwhile, the Lum Creek wildfire is still out of control, but it is not threatening any communities or structures

“The BC Wildfire Service is monitoring this fire to manage it as required to minimize disruption and negative impacts while allowing the natural ecological benefits of wildfire to occur,” said the BCWS. “This fire is expected to become more active when temperatures rise and/or winds increase. People in the area will likely notice more intense fire behaviour, including increases in smoke, in the coming weeks.”

The area restrictions are set to officially lift on Wednesday at noon, but you should still be cautious if you go near the zone.

“Before entering any area affected by a wildfire, members of the public should be aware that significant safety hazards may be present,” said BCWS officials. “Trees that have been damaged by fire might be unstable and could fall. Ash pits can be hard to detect and can remain hot long after the flames have died down.”

You may still see smoke rising from the fire over the coming weeks.

“Smoke appearing from within the fire perimeter and burned material is common; however, smoke that rises from green, unburned fuel or from outside a fire’s perimeter should be reported immediately,” said the BCWS.

BCWS officials said road closures and area restrictions are subject to change depending on fire activity and conditions.

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