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Death toll reaches over 30 in Kyoto building fire; Trudeau getting closer to trade deal with Europe

Man screamed “you die” before starting studio fire in Japan

A fire in Japan has become even more tragic as the death toll has now reached 33 people. The Associated Press reports that it was intentionally started. A man apparently burst into the animation studio in Kyoto, screaming “you die.” Thirty-six others were injured, the suspect is one of them.

CETA deal to give Canadian businesses access to $14B market

Justin Trudeau is trying to sell a trade agreement to the president of the European Council. The Prime Minister and Donald Tusk are discussing the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement. It gives Canadian businesses preferential access to half a billion European consumers and a $24 trillion market.

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Mosquitoes carrying deadly viruses nearly eliminated from Chinese islands

A bitter sweet victory was achieved in the fight to eradicate disease-carrying mosquitoes. According to the Associated Press, scientists have almost eliminated the pests from two islands in China with a new technique. Problem is it might not work for larger areas. Researchers infected mosquitoes with bacteria then exposed them to small doses of radiation.

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