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Cranbrook encouraging property owners to maintain trees and shrubs

Cranbrook is asking residents to do their part and trim trees and shrubs along sidewalks and streets through the spring and summer.

City officials said this will help ensure pedestrians and drivers have good visibility on local roadways.

“Overgrown hedges and low-hanging tree branches can block vehicle sightlines at some intersections and crowd sidewalks for people on foot, who may need to step into the street to move around them,” said city staff.

Cranbrook’s Streets and Traffic bylaw requires all trees and shrubs to be properly trimmed and cut back so they do not block movement or visibility.

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Officials said this is especially important at intersections.

“We are committed to the safe mobility of our residents and visitors either on foot, on bicycle or in vehicles,” says Mayor Wayne Price. “By keeping sightlines clear and unobstructed through maintaining trees and shrubs, we can continue to keep our streets safe and accessible.”

City staff said pruning, particularly in June, can help keep your plants healthy and lush.

“Pruning encourages growth and improves longevity in your plants. It can also keep your plants in shape, increase nutrient levels and increase the number of blossoms you may get year after year,” said city officials. “Proper pruning can also reduce the risk of disease and the number of pests in your gardens.”

Staff said a plant nursery or garden centre will be able to give you tips on proper pruning techniques, or a landscaping company can do it for you.

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