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College and Regional Animal Protection Society team up to rehome feral cats

The College of the Rockies will start working with the Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) to rehome 14 feral cats living on the Cranbrook campus.

College officials said the RAPS Cat Sanctuary is situated on three acres where about 400 cats, with most being formerly homeless or feral, live together in a clean environment.

“We are very grateful to RAPS for offering EKCares and the College an option for housing the feral cats,” said Paul Vogt, College of the Rockies President. “After speaking with their CEO and learning about their facilities and standards of care, we truly believe that the cats will be happy and healthy in this potential new home.”

The college said RAPS is a no-kill animal shelter that operates an animal hospital, an adoption and education centre, thrift stores, on top of being Canada’s largest cat sanctuary.

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“RAPS believes that every life is valuable and ensures that the cats receive high-quality care, including shelter and veterinary services, throughout their lives,” said Eyal Lichtmann, CEO, RAPS. “Within our beautiful grounds, with specialized secure housing, our cats are cared for by a dedicated team of about 200 volunteers. Also, to ensure the health of the cats, we have veterinary care available on-site at the RAPS Animal Hospital, which is one of the largest not-for-profit animal hospitals in Canada.”

College staff said the 14 cats are currently housed at the Cranbrook campus and have temporary structures, located in a fenced equipment compound, where they can come and go at will.

The college said safety concerns were behind the organization’s desire to relocate the cats.

“Health and safety issues, largely due to the cats taking shelter in training vehicles used by the automotive program, prompted the College to seek another location for the colony,” said officials.

Another on-campus location was considered to house the animals before the offer from RAPS came in.

“The College does not have the capacity to provide the facilities or level of care already in place at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary,” said officials. “RAPS offers both enriched indoor and secured outdoor spaces, flower gardens, trees and a variety of lounge areas, in Richmond’s more moderate climate, as well as the team of volunteers and professional staff who provide constant care to the animals.”

“The College is grateful for the devotion that EKCares has provided these animals over the years. We look forward to working cooperatively with them to ensure the best outcome for these cats. We are confident that the best solution is for them to be cared for at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary,” Vogt said.

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