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Development proposal could lead to McDonald’s in Marysville

McDonald’s could be coming to Marysville if Kimberley city council votes in favour of the proposed development.

Mayor Don McCormick explained what the proposal includes.

“We now have a development that’s being proposed for Marysville that includes a convenience restaurant proposed to being a McDonalds, a future-proof service station that talks about charging stations, hydrogen and other sources of alternate energy and potentially some commercial space and even an automatic carwash.”

The development recently passed the first reading, so it is still a little ways away from a final decision.

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The mayor said it could be an important development and it’s encouraging to see investors wanting to do business in Kimberley.

“Over the past couple of years as our population has grown and as we’ve had continued investment in the community, we are starting now to attract additional commercial types of investment,” he added.

“Growing communities need investors and new investors are looking to fill gaps in what’s available for services in the community.”

He said an investment like this would also add a lot of new revenue, which would help residents pay less in taxes.

“It’s a fairly significant investment in the community and we’re pretty excited about these investment opportunities because that too will translate into non-market change which means new revenue that will convert into taxes so we don’t have to go back to our existing taxpayers for more money.”

The development won’t be loved by all residents, but McCormick said everyone should go in with an open mind.

“Kimberley’s demographics and needs are incredibly diverse. Each of us needs to put aside our personal bias for what is the best long-term interest of the entire community.”

The public will get a chance to give their feedback during a public hearing. The date for that has not been finalized.


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