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Local 4H Club Hosts its Annual Weigh-in Alongside Food Drive

Local 4H clubs had their annual weigh-in at the Wycliffe fairgrounds, alongside a month-long drive to gather donations for Food Banks around B.C.

The event saw local club members bring in livestock members have raised. Children involved in the 4H Club learn to care for a variety of animals, including beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, pigs, bees and poultry.

“We’re weighing our animals for a start weight for our show-and-sale,” said 4H volunteer Shayla Stewart. “It’s a way for your animals to get trained and you have to do it for your club.”

The Wycliffe fairgrounds hosted 28 club members for the weigh-in with 40 animals.

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“Our motto is to learn by doing, so we’re all about putting kids in a position where they’re going to learn by experience,” said club leader Logan Van Steinburg. “Put everything in their hands, they do it.”

Separate to the weigh-in, 4H is also currently collecting donations for the Food Bank.

Their target is set at 8,800 pounds of food across the province, with the drive to end on November 30.

The event kicked off with a $2,000 donation from the 4H Board on November 1. The goal is to have each club member donate four pounds of food. 4H said donations will be matched financially after the food drive ends.

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