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Frozen cat rescued up local logging road

The BC SPCA has been nursing a 12-year-old cat back to health after it was found injured and frozen.

Staff with the SPCA said the rescuers were collecting firewood up a logging road when they noticed the cat almost frozen in place in the snow.

When the SPCA arrived they said they could smell rotting flesh coming from an open wound on the cat’s stomach.

Staff said the cat, named Wilson, was a friendly gentleman while waiting for the vet.

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“The wound was much more involved than we could initially tell. Under his skin, all over his belly, there was a ton of dead/rotting tissue and debris, and the wound went into his abdomen,” the vet told the SPCA.

“I removed a lot of his subcutaneous tissue and sutured up his abdomen before closing the new wound.”

After the emergency surgery, it wasn’t long before new wounds started to open up.

The vet believes Wilson has been experiencing thermal injuries due to being trapped out in freezing conditions.

Unfortunately, his tail had to be amputated.

Donations are being accepted using this link to help pay for the surgery costs.


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