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Radium Hot Springs mayor settling into his new role

Radium Hot Springs mayor Mike Gray says the first few months in his new role had been going well.

Gray said the people he works with on the Village council have made settling in easier.

“We’re very blessed in Radium to have a capable and engaged council and very strong staff,” said Gray. “It has made the transition from my predecessor Clara Reinhardt to my role now.”

Gray said he is familiar with municipal politics as a former Radium council member, which has helped him adjust to the new job.

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“The biggest challenge has been the time it takes to onboard the new council. We have a lot of people in new roles, and everyone is very capable and proud of the work they’re doing” said Gray. “It does take a lot of time to give everyone the experience that will come with time. We’re just trying to give it a jump-start as much as we can.”

During his campaign, Gray spoke of renewing Radium’s Official Community Plan, and he plans to keep the ball rolling.

“Our team is doing a strategic priority session coming up very soon,” said Gray. “We will be addressing the Official Community Plan for Radium Hot Springs. Our existing OCP has served us very well for many years, but it has come to the end of its lifecycle and it’s time to update that document and provide more direction for our community.”

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