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Moose on the loose in Fernie

Fernie residents should be on the lookout for a moose and two calves that were spotted in the Annex Park area.

City staff said you should give them space while they are in the area.

“Moose cows are very protective of their young and may attack if they perceive a threat. If you come across a cow and calf, calmly leave the area immediately,” said WildSafe BC officials.

Residents with dogs should also make sure pets are kept on a leash to reduce the chances of any conflict.

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“Moose will perceive dogs as a threat and may seriously injure or kill a dog,” said WildSafe.  “Never let a dog loose in your yard to chase a moose as it may be injured or cause stress to the animal.”

More details on what to do around a moose can be found through the link below.

More: Moose safety (WildSafe BC)

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